Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pop up like SAMSUNG for your iPhone

the pop up feature in the samsung mobiles want on your apple devices than heres your pop up feature for your apple devices as you know about the jailbreak with which you can download apps for free and u can find a wide range of  apps
A popular jailbreak community contributor Ryan petrich has released this tweek that does exactly what the pop-up feature does for the samsung


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

How To Root Nexus 4 Using Nexus Rootkit Step By Step Guide

How To Root Nexus 4 Using Nexus Rootkit - Step By Step Guide
Android as an open source operating system for smartphones is flexible enough for a normal user to run almost every operation they want. However, there are certain users who are never really satisfied with the default operating system. They enjoy tweaking and playing around with it to maximize the potential of their smartphone memory and power. 

Android system by default, does not allow users to handle operating with super user access only to prevent bricking of the device, In order to get super user access, users need to root their device and some devices including nexus and HTC have their device bootloaders locked. So before performing root over these devices, the device bootloader needs to be unlocked.

ios7 on your android devices

as we said that in the end of  the septembet the new version if the ios7 is gonna be released which will be working on all the apple devices an also be expected for public releas not only that there are over 200 new features in the new versoin and also will be the best
And this new version of the ios7 is made bl lots of efforts by Apple itself and also it had bring the best result for the Apple users but in  Android if a new updates will be awailable for spesific phones but by changing some aspects we can use if in other devices what happens if the ios 7 will work on your android devices you will able to experiance ios7 without having an Apple device
we can get it and it will be a perfect replica work not only that the menu,lock center,notification center and all the other features are been perfectly replicate as in ios7 not only the replication it also have the same function as in the ios7 which you can use in your Android smartphones

jbos7 Android theam

As this is a free theam it is very much easy us to get ios in our android smartphones and this theam is a complete UI transformation theam for your android smartphones this theam will replace your smartphone's existing user interface with the one like ios7
and even there is a easy controller app to control the control centre means u can costomise and add more various toggles for your android smart phones

Monday, 26 August 2013

Apple iPad mini 2 photo leaked

The new iPad mini 2 which is gonna be launched after the iPhone 5S had got leaked this new version of the ipad mini 2 the second gen iPad mini or maybe what it will be called by the apple has the same aluminium case on its back and also the same logo it is as similar as the iPad mini
As we can see the case in which the i pad mini will be and not only that it also have the lightning charging USB cable and we think so that it will have a much more diffrence in the colours and also the internal features and hardwaring of this device

LG Optimus L9 II

The new LG Optimus L9 II is now official in netherland and not only that it also contains the 4.7" screen with HD display and not only that if you want a good android phone which contains all the features of the smart phone and even it has a low price but which can get a brand name then there is LG ehich givs us all the features of the smart phone and not only that it is also in our budget
And now this new LG Optimus L9 II contains the more better features then the all older one it have a fully HD screen which is about 4.7" it hav a dual-core 1.4GHz processor and a long life 2150mAh battery which will be with u for a long time and also it will contain 8MP shooter alongside 1.3MP front-facer


as for the HTC the new HTC one is its great flagship and not only that it is also liked by the peoples too as this phone the HTC one contains the features that a smart phone should have an d also the better display.In the starting this phone was only available in two colors those wer only silver and the black but it was so good in that too but the later on this device had got the new Ruby Red color and this color is also available with the sprint carriers this deal was happen just few days ago
Not only red this device is also getting to be released in blue colour too and this will also change minds to change the colour of the phone .We also got the information that this new blue version of the HTC one will be also available with Verizon

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

iPhone 5C & 5S maybe going official this september 20

according to the rumers the new iPhone 5C &5S are going to release on this september 20 it will be good to see iPhone 5C as soon as possible but it is not confirmed by the APPLE the date of the releas of Iphone 5S & 5C
and an info from a greek blog TECHMANIACS that the apple is going to start rolling out the latest version of the ios 7 onseptember 5 and also we are hearing that the company is going to held a second media event that will takes place in october
and the new iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 will also be comming in this october 25

The nokia LUMIA 620 is now more cheaper with 99.99$

The nokia midrange but better phones are now getting cheaper as it is nokia we are getting a better mobile in low cost and not only that it is also getting a latest update soon
the device will come to you without any prior commitments and the device will be AT&T locked and it will be a better deal to get a device of nokia with 3.8" clear black  LCD with WVGA resolution and also with tw oKrait CPU cores clocked at 1GHz Adreno 305 GPU and 512 MB of ram

Friday, 16 August 2013

Samsung smart watch Samsung Galaxy Gear

As we said before that the Samsung is going to releas a new smart watch and even this was gonna happen this september 4 at the IFA conferance in berlin and maybe it is possible
 and this smart watch will comes with a new 4212 chipset and this watch will contain a dual-core SOC clocked at 1.5GHz with an ARM mail-400 MP4 GPU should be more than enough power for a smartwatch
and it is gonna have 1GB of RAM 1.67-inch AMOLED display at 320x320 resolution,bluetooth,NFC and even a 2MPcamera maybe more so vew this site for more info and keep calm


IOS 7 beta 6 is now awailable for developers and as usual the betas releases on mondays and this was just after a weak apple releases beta 5
this update is just to recover the faults which cause in the older versions and it is to be done in less time so here is an update

Apple iPhone 5S & 5C

The new iphone 5s and 5c are going to be launched this september 10 and as aftel many leaks we all came to know all about these phones but there is a new news about the iphone 5S that it is gonna be release in 128 GB of huge memory
not only that even the iPhone is thinking about its better picture quality and for so it gives a dual flash for a good low light pictures this will be a great experance for all and it is also better than the older iphones so we are waiting just for september  

Sunday, 11 August 2013

samsung galaxy note III

may be many of us are very excited to see the new samsung galaxy note III and why not its gonna be a blast on its relaease as we said before all its details but may be this phablet is perfect but if its battery is weak then no use of its features

so for this new samsung galaxy noteIII samsung had introduce a new and more powerfull battery more than the note II and the note the note II have a 3100mAh battery but the new note III comes with 3450mAh which is more then its older devices and it is even 11% more so the phablet can be with u for long time 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

sony Xperia Z ultra

If u dont like sony then now you gonna lik it cos dis september Xperia z Ultra is gonna launch and its gonna give u th 6.4" hd screen with 1080p HD display this smart phone gets some new SOney's opticontast and X-Reality tech which is now using by the Bravia mobile

but people are trying to compare this phone display with HTC one"s display this should not be done cause may ne the Xperia has a better display but at HTC's point of view it is the best even Htc have the 4.7" full HD super LCD 3 display which is also the best display for its screen but which one u lik u can only see ehwhen you hold boath phones in your hands so plz comment which is the best display in your view

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

ios6 VS ios7

well obviously the ios7 is better than the ios6 as the apple developed the os but in the biggining the ios7 was not liked by the peoples but as per the use ios7 is much more easy in understanding and makes the us eof the iPhone much easier than before 
even the use of ios7 is much smother than the ios6 but not even ios6 was better not only till its time but also even now some people who dosent lik the ios7 are happy with ios6 and as it is an ios it will be the best so which one do you like the most the ios7 or the ios6 think clearly and then comment


The new motorola moto X finally after a lots of leaks we gonna get it this august 23 an we also knows all the features of this phone and even the colours in which this phone will be available but as we all nave the diffrent choice for the colour so we can get the best colour we want
and now after a long efforts the moto X will be available in all the four us carriers as we expected VERIZON,AT&T,SPRINT and the T-mobile this will make easy to buy with our own carrier choice and this is the same as the LG G2 as it is also available in the same 4 carriers stay tuned and get more details for your fav mobiles only at Androidclas.blogspot 

The snapdradon 800 finally will be in LG G2 with a 5.2 inch screen

The most awaiting phone ya the new LG G2x which will be available with snapdragon 800 chipset and also with a larger 5.2" screen and also the new thing about this phone is that this phone will compeat the Samsung Galaxy S4 not only that this phone also contains the HD clearity as this phone have 1920-1080 pixel clear display with 5.2" screen.
and the most imprtaht about this phone is that it does not contain any of the hardware key in frount this may be liked by some people and not by those who lik to have buttons at the bottom of the screen as even the older models of LG dosent had any hardware buttons at the bottom.

this phone contains only one button at the back of the phone where generally our pointing finger will be when we generally hold the phone and this is the best thing where a button should be on the mobile and even there will be volume control buttons and this makes the device even better.

and the main thing that this phone will be launch on the all 4 major carriers the AT&T,VERIZON,T-mobile and SPRINT and will be best to choose this phone among these carriers.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

ANDROID 5.0 Lime-pie can works on samsung Galaxy S4

The new version of Andoid 5.0 is tested to be working on the google nexus 4 and nexus 7 this test was made by the programmer "dknandiraju"and found that these devices are running perfectly on Android 5.0 as the build version of the nexus 4 and nexus 7 is able to run the latest Android 5.0 and not only that the built version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 is similar to the Nexus 4 so maybe the  new android versoin 5.0 will also run on these phones well there is only a hope that this latest version will work on Samsung mobiles

problem with IOS 7

As the new IOS 7 is better than the older one but there is a big problem with that as most of the people gets this problem with their new updated version of the IOS 7 that to unlock the screen in older os we hav to slide at the bottom of the screen but now in the IOS7 we can swipe any where on the screen and it will be unlocked .It may be looks good for some but some times while in the pocket it gets unlocked by getting touched on the screen so while using IOS 7 u maybe face this problem

Blue HTC one

As we all knows that hte HTC one is in metallic colour but how many of uyou will lik it in a new paint job yup ti will be blue in colour as we heard before that the Htc one will be gonna get a new blue colour but the info was not so perfect but now we got hte latest pic of the phone in blue and hope even you all like HTC one in the new blur colour 

The new iPhone M

The new low cost iphone which we had classified with a letter C is not lik that the new iPhone is using the letter W and according to the Steve Milunovich will be immediatly outsell the full priced which will be approx 300-400 or may be not more than that now as we said that this phone will compleatly change the market and it could still results in a huge drop of Apple's overall iPhone busness

Maybe after the releas of the l;ow cost i phone the people would forget the name of the iphone 4 and this low cost iphone will be gonna releas in the late september but it would be a great change in the iphone market due to this low cost iPhone

Sunday, 4 August 2013


Viewers pleas be calm cause this september will blow your mind with net gadgets as we all know that this september we gonnna be hands on with the new iPhone c the new HTC one Max and the new Samsung Gaxaly Note III rather than this we all will bw with the next gen of the watch yes the samsung is gonna launch a new breed of smart watches which will contain a flexible display a mic,speaker,back and menu button and a usb port there is ot he conformation about the flexible display but we hope to see it soon but as if that was possible then may be Apple would be the first to introduce the iwatch but sinse ever Samsung is trying to be a step ahead from apple lets see ahat will gonna happen this september

first look of HTC one Max

As we got the info about the new 5.9" 1080 pixel HD displayed the new HTC one Max is is as similar as the HTC one and the mini with the same dual speakers on the front and will be provided with the Snapdragon 800 chipset
And the best thing is that this phone is gonna release along the samsung Galaxy Note III this september.The new HTC one Max will contain  a snapdragon 800 chipset a Quard-core 2.3GHz Krait 400 processor Adreno 330 graphics and 2GB ram this phone is gonna make your mind to chose a rite choice of phone for you this september